Wool carpets being made of a natural fibre can be slightly more expensive than manmade carpets. However the price is far outweighed by the quality and wearability of wool carpets. The most common wool mix for wool carpets is 80% wool and 20% synthetic (usually a nylon or polypropylene to give the carpet added stability and strength), this is considered the strongest mix for wool carpets.

Wool carpets are very strong and are usually naturally fire retardant, meaning they are a good choice of carpet for high traffic areas and where fire regulations are of key importance such as hotels.

Wool carpets do vary in quality depending on the wool used and the type of yarn. British wool and Newzealand wool are considered the finest quality wool carpets. For even more strength wool carpets can be made with a two-ply or a three-ply yarn.

The weight (or density) of wool carpets can vary dramatically, ranging from 30oz up to 70oz or more. When choosing a wool carpet it’s important to choose the right weight – higher weight carpets for higher traffic areas and for added luxury, and lower weight carpets for lower traffic areas.