Vinyl Cushion flooring or linoleum is the flooring of choice for wet areas in the home, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Resistant to water vinyl cushion flooring is easy to wipe clean when there are spillages. Vinyl cushion flooring is available in a huge choice of colours and styles, from authentic rustic looking tiles and wooden flooring designs, to modern abstract patterns.

Vinyl cushion flooring comes rolled up like a carpet, usually available in multiple widths (2, 3, or 4 metres), and is fitted in a similar way to a carpet. However no underlay is used so when fitting vinyl cushion flooring the subfloor must be flat and free from indentations or bumps, as these will show through the vinyl. To overcome this hardboard or a screed can be used to level the subfloor before installation of the vinyl.

Domestic vinyl is cushioned to add a little comfort underfoot, hence the well known name vinyl cushion flooring, and the popular brand Cushionflor. Commercial grade vinyl has limited cushion but has a thicker top layer, or wear-layer, the durable top layer that takes the wear.