Laminate flooring gives a stylish finish to the modern home and modern way of living. Being easy to maintain a good quality laminate flooring can keep it’s appearance for many years. Although laminate flooring is easy to maintain, it does need regular cleaning to keep free of dust and dirt, and liquid spillages must always be avoided on laminate flooring.

Quality of laminate flooring varies significantly as does price. Many very cheap laminate floorings do not wear very well over time, and defeats the object if you are thinking of switching from carpets to laminate flooring. Therefore it’s important to investigate the quality of the laminate flooring – not just the price.

For quality assurance it’s best to stick to the branded laminate floorings – two of the leading brands are Quick-Step Uniclic and Balterio. These manufactures put wear guarantees up to 25 years on their laminate flooring, and use the best materials in manufacturing.

Laminate flooring varies in thickness – starting from 6mm and go up to 10mm. The thickness of the laminate flooring makes a big difference to its lifetime. We recommend looking at 7mm and above for quality. 8mm and 9mm laminate flooring usually offers superior durability and an extended lifetime.