Because carpet underlay is hidden under the carpet, the carpet underlay is often out of sight and out of mind – and therefore often an after-thought when selecting a new carpet. This can be a mistake and false economy in the long run as the new carpets wear will depend on the stability and cushioning of the carpet underlay. Some of the manufactures use the slogan – every new carpet deserves a new underlay – and this is very true.

Carpet underlay is designed not only for added luxury and comfort, but primarily to take some of the wear off the carpet. The carpet underlay acts as a cushion and allows the carpet to give under traffic, adding bounce underfoot, and extending the carpets lifetime and recovery rate after crushing or flattening.

” Every new carpet deserves a new underlay… it will not only add comfort under foot, it will also extend the life of your new carpet and help it keep it’s appearance for longer. “

Polyurethane Foam Carpet Underlay

Different types of carpet underlay are available, rubber and polyurethane foam carpet underlay. The leading carpet underlay and the preference for most installations is polyurethane foam carpet underlay. Made from recycled foam not only is it friendly on the environment it’s also very luxurious underfoot.

Polyurethane foam carpet underlay comes in different thickness, commonly from 7mm up to 11mm. 7mm or 8mm carpet underlay would usually be used for low traffic areas, and thicker carpet underlay from 9mm to 11mm would be used for higher traffic areas or for a more luxurious plush feel underfoot.